George Monbiot: the fossil fuel lobby, big tobacco and climate change denial

American News Project investigation: How to spin global warming

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight | Part nine

Robert McChesney: Rich Media, Poor Democracy

The Myth of the Liberal Media

Justin Lewis: Constructing Public Opinion

Juliet Schor: Kids and Consumer Culture

Undercurrents: Globalisation and the Media

from The Corporation:

Perception Management

Unsettling Accounts

George Monbiot: Speech to London climate march, December 2007

Part 1

Part 2

David Gauntlett: Participation culture, creativity, and social change


One Response to “Videos”

  1. Ian Says:

    I like your site. Your commitment is fantastic. Your evidence for lack of effective democracy rings all too true. Your YouTube stuff by Monbiot is a worry though. I can’t see that cutting supply is going to do anything useful other than cause chaos. Action should be about getting results rather than simply expressing opposition. More opposition simply means we achieve that much less overall.

    Your post on CIF re the adverts was insightful and informative, which prompted me to find your site.

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