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Copenhagen, “Climategate” and some political auguries

December 18, 2009

With the Copenhagen climate summit now heading towards its painful conclusion, and some of the waves created in the media and wider political circles by the “Climategate” saga still with us, it is worth taking a look over how some of the major political forces in the UK have been playing their hands in recent weeks. How has “Climategate” impacted the Conservatives and the right? How has the Government responded, and how does this response figure in their wider strategy around Copenhagen? And how are environmental NGOs responding?



The true cost of advertising: a free press

November 11, 2009

Sitting in my inbox at this moment is a copy of a confidential email from the company Web Windows, promoting an advertising deal in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine. As you might expect, the company is keen to emphasise the high-spending profile of the Guardian readership: in an “uber cheap deal for an ad in the national press”, offering “incredible value for money”, the company promises to grant advertisers access to the magazine’s “1.4 million readers averaging extremely high household incomes”. “No longer the bearded lefties!” we are assured. “Guardian readers are an extremely desirable group of high spending consumers …”


Keeping denial alive at the BBC: the falsehoods of Paul Hudson

November 5, 2009

Why is the BBC allowing a local weather reporter to turn its climate coverage into drivel?

Now published on Climate Safety.

Given the Telegraph’s position as one of the foremost bastions of spurious climate change coverage, it’s hardly surprising that the paper was quick to seize on a recent piece of misguided misreporting from the BBC – a repackaged blog post by local weather reporter (and now, apparently, the BBC’s “climate correspondent”) Paul Hudson entitled “Whatever happened to global warming?”. According to the Telegraph’s blogs editor, Damian Thompson, Hudson’s article “represents a clear departure from the BBC’s fanatical espousal of climate change orthodoxy”. “BBC executives”, he tells us, “have swung the might of the corporation behind that orthodoxy, often producing what amounts to propaganda.”


Misrepresenting Public Opinion

September 23, 2009

The IPPR’s spin on its latest report – echoed in the media – misleads the public, and damages efforts to mobilise action against climate change.

Now published on Climate Safety.