Credibility Fail

Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker’s new book, The Real Global Warming Disaster, seems to have been well-received in some quarters. As he writes:

“We have “less than 50 days” to save the planet, declared Gordon Brown last week, in yet another desperate bid to save the successor to the Kyoto treaty, which is due to be agreed in Copenhagen in six weeks’ time. But no one has put the reality of the situation more succinctly than Prof Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy, one of the most distinguished climatologists in the world, who has done as much as anyone in the past 20 years to expose the emptiness of the IPCC’s claim that its reports represent a “consensus” of the views of “the world’s top climate scientists”.

“In words quoted on the cover of my new book, Prof Lindzen wrote: “Future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century’s developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly exaggerated computer predictions combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a rollback of the industrial age.”

Shocking stuff. But who exactly is this Lindzen fellow? The editors of Media Lens comment:

“Journalist Ross Gelbspan noted that in May 1995, Richard Lindzen and Patrick Michaels were hired as expert witnesses to testify on behalf of Western Fuels Association, a $400 million consortium of coal suppliers and coal-fired utilities. Gelbspan said of Lindzen:

““I don’t know very many supporters of Mr Lindzen who are not in the pay of the fossil fuel lobby. Dr Lindzen himself, his research is publicly funded, but Dr Lindzen makes, as he told me, $2,500 a day consulting with fossil fuel interests, and that includes his consulting with OPEC, his consulting with the Australian coal industry, his consulting with the US coal industry and so forth. That’s not to say Dr Lindzen doesn’t believe what he says, but it is to say that he stands in very sharp distinction to really just about virtually all of the climate scientists around the world.” (Tony Jones, ‘Journalist puts global warming sceptics under the spotlight,’ Australian Broadcasting Corporation, March 7, 2005;”

You can discover more about Richard Lindzen’s fascinating back story from Sourcewatch, DeSmogBlog and ExxonSecrets. That Lindzen is the single climate scientist Booker was able to find willing to provide a supportive quote for his book frankly speaks volumes.


2 Responses to “Credibility Fail”

  1. UN-Corporation Says:

    A little while back your buddies at medialens were being asked by the BBC to take part in one of their programmes.
    Ive noticed a lot of bloggers appearing on TV lately and they all really believe their views are being taken seriously. 🙂

    They do not know that this is just the way it has being planned to happen, they are being used by the ‘Elites’ to bring in the new control system.

    They will demand from the Governments, exactly what the ‘Elites’ want them to demand. Their own ‘complete’ enslavement!

    The dialectic the ‘Intellectuals’ have decided to use is called the, The Yin-Yang Movement.

    Which one are you part off?

    I believe Mr. Chomsky said something like,
    “Intellectuals are the terror of our age”


    There are no contradictions, within the doctrinal system.

    If the journalists within a newspaper organisation come to a consensus, that they are not a propaganda tool of the Elites, then we can all go home, according to the logic on the medialens message board.

    The UN is also an organisation, and the ‘scientists’ who work for that organisation are exactly the same as the journalists working for a newspaper, they do their masters bidding!

    Otherwise, Mr Chomsky, medialens, You and millions of others are wrong. journalists are telling the truth and newspapers are there to inform you, nothing more.

    All the best.

  2. Andy Mitchell Says:

    No surprises here: I never read anything from Booker on Climate Change that convinced me of anything other than that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time reading anything written by Christopher Booker.

    Btw. I came to you blog via your profile on the Guardian website: you’d left a comment of Monbiot’s ill-conceived pronouncements on the online lynching of an innocent man – it was an impressive contribution.

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