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Well, if E.on says it …

October 10, 2009


“Yesterday, the company quietly announced on its website that it was shelving the plans, blaming a dramatic fall in energy demand which it said made Kingsnorth redundant. It said it would reconsider in two or three years and could go ahead if energy prices recover. In the end, it was the recession, not government dithering or direct action protestors which killed off Kingsnorth. But politicians and the environmentalists played their part.”


Flights of fancy

October 8, 2009

I noticed this atrocious piece of aviation industry greenwash on the wall of a London underground station a couple of weeks or so back (actually it was the one posted in miniscule form here – but the message conveyed is much the same):


Word gets around

October 2, 2009

The damaging disinformation recently put out by the IPPR continues to trickle steadily out into the public domain.  According to a recent story in the Financial Times:

“[One] study, by the Institute for Public Policy Research in London, found people were “tired and bored of hearing about climate change”, cynical about government motives in pushing for action on climate, and dismissive of “self-righteous” environmentalists.”

Indeed it did, in a literal sense – but which “people”? “People”, as in a broadly representative sample of the UK public? Or “people”, as in a sample of the most materialistic and consumer-oriented 10% of the population?