Old lies finding new homes

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)’s latest podcast features a good short interview with Joseph Romm, formerly the Clinton administration’s Acting Assistant Secretary in the US Department of Energy, on the media’s handling of climate change. He talks a bit about this terrible recent story in the New York Times – which repeats the climate change deniers’ current favourite canard about recent stabilisations in global temperatures – and this piece of straight-up fossil fuel industry PR from Newsweek. A great, in-depth dissection of both of these stories is available on Romm’s blog, Climate Progress (here and here).

• There’s also some good stuff from FAIR here on how the media have amplified the voice of the climate denial lobby during the recent US debate on cap-and-trade legislation.

• The US-based Union of Concerned Scientists draw attention to another shocking and outrageous propaganda drive by the fossil fuel lobby, of the kind which should be becoming familiar. According to the new “CO2 Is Green” and “Plants Need CO2” campaigns – devised and financed by oil and coal industry executives – carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and higher levels will be a net benefit to the earth’s ecosystems. The comparison the Union draw with previous tobacco industry campaigns seems inescapable.

Here’s “CO2 Is Green”’s latest ad – watch it and weep:


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