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New York Post gets the Yes Men treatment

September 30, 2009

From the Centre for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch blog:



Greenwashing Government

September 28, 2009


Why has an international campaigning NGO just helped produce a piece of Government propaganda?


Old lies finding new homes

September 27, 2009

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)’s latest podcast features a good short interview with Joseph Romm, formerly the Clinton administration’s Acting Assistant Secretary in the US Department of Energy, on the media’s handling of climate change. He talks a bit about this terrible recent story in the New York Times – which repeats the climate change deniers’ current favourite canard about recent stabilisations in global temperatures – and this piece of straight-up fossil fuel industry PR from Newsweek. A great, in-depth dissection of both of these stories is available on Romm’s blog, Climate Progress (here and here).


Recent Guardian coverage

September 25, 2009

This story in the Guardian portrays China and India as stonewalling in current climate negotiations, with the US putting on the pressure to secure firm carbon reduction commitments. The crucial context has been excised, of course: true, Obama has promised an (inadequate) 80% cut by 2050; but at the moment, the only legislation the US has actually passed – the Waxman-Markey Bill – hit such a wall of political opposition from fossil fuel industry-subsidised politicians, including many Democrats, that it has been almost entirely neutered. As Nicholas Stern noted in his talk at LSE yesterday, the Bill now commits the US to bring its emissions to around where they were in 1990 by 2020. From the country with the greatest historical responsibility for the problem bar none, this is beyond weak. And it means that any pressure placed on the developing world has no force whatsoever. The US will not lead by example. As Stern put it, the real nub of the problem in getting an agreement lies in the developed world – not India and China.


Misrepresenting Public Opinion

September 23, 2009

The IPPR’s spin on its latest report – echoed in the media – misleads the public, and damages efforts to mobilise action against climate change.

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